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We, Christina and Ulrich Wendler, are hosts and hoteliers with a passion. Our credo is “a little bit more of everything” and this is something we live and celebrate together with our entire team, each and every day. As a visible sign of our “follow your heart” way of thinking, you will find a large Bismarck heart in our garden.

Our two daughters Alexandra and Marie-Therese are our pride and joy. Marie-Therese, our younger one, completed her Master's degree in Marketing and Sales Management in Paderborn in 2023. Alexandra studied tourism economics at the MCI in Innsbruck and has worked as a junior consultant in Munich. She and her longtime partner Robert joined the Bismarck in autumn 2022 and will later continue to run the Bismarck with a lot of HEART and new ideas.

We, your hosts, and most of our team know just about all of our guests by name. You will feel warmly welcome here, and will not just be an anonymous “room number”. Here in our hotel, guests are warmly welcomed and we are happy to make your wish our command.

We welcome and say goodbye to each guest in our restaurant. On the evening before you leave, Mrs Wendler will explain about our “Bismarck snack” for your trip home. And kids even receive a new Bismarck stuffed animal each year as a souvenir and reminder of their family holiday here.

Every little request is fulfilled as best we can - whether by our team or by the Wendler family personally. The majority of our employees have been with the hotel for many years.

Our restaurant manager, Mr Josef, has taken care of guests’ wishes in our restaurant for 30 years. Together with Mrs Wendler, he creates our seating plan and tries his best to meet all seating requests. Mrs Wendler has very good insight into people, so she always manages to bring together guests travelling alone. Of course there are also individual tables available upon request. The seating plan philosophy for our restaurant with its various parlours (one of which is reserved for families with small children), is just one factor in the success of the Hotel Bismarck.

The absolute highlight of the pampering concept is the outstanding gourmet cuisine. Traditional dishes, modern and imaginatively interpreted, characterise the style of the innovative young chef Gerald Wigele. He and our senior chef Harald Pfleger, who has been loyal to our establishment for over 20 years, complement each other perfectly and form a perfect team.

If the Wendlers are ever unavailable, they have counted on long-time management assistant Bianca to take their place. 

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