Wellness Treatments

Spa holiday in Salzburger Land

Look forward to our wide range of choices and expert wellness treatments – combined with the Bismarck pampering atmosphere!

Treatments on the patented soft-pack lounger:

On the soft-pack lounger (a special water bed) you will experience so-called “occlusion”, which is created by water pressure and heat. This increases the skin’s ability to absorb 10-fold. Please do not shower after this treatment and rest for about 30 minutes afterwards (exception: Thalasso, natural mud).

Examples from our range of wellness treatments:

Full Body Peeling: 20 min. € 29.00

With salt from the Dead Sea mixed with Aloe Vera oil.

Natural Moor Mud: 45 min. € 57.00

For those with rheumatic problems, arthritis and inflammatory disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Thalasso Algae Treatment: 45 min. € 57.00

Algae Treatment

Activates the metabolism, lifting effect, especially suitable for cellulitis

Evening Primrose Oil Cream Pack : 25 min. € 41.00

The best treatment for intensive moisturising of the skin and a dermatologically-proven quality application. Especially recommended for eczema.

Tip for at home:
Cleopatra milk oil, evening primrose oil, and male-oriented packs are available for purchase at reception for € 9.50 per pack.

Cleopatra Milk Oil Pack: 25 min. € 34.00

The traditional beauty treatment for moisturising skin care. 

Tip for at home:
Cleopatra milk oil, evening primrose oil, and male-oriented packs are available for purchase at reception for € 9.50 per pack.

Arolla pine pack: 25 min. € 31.00

Queen of wellbeing, soft, relaxing and mentally inspiring
(extra charge for arolla pine pillow € 25,--)

Combination Peeling/Pack thalassa marea: 60 min. € 79.00

Peeling with thalasso mare peeling lotion, afterwards thalasso mare pack.

Lifting effect, especically suitable for cellulitis

Combination Peeling/Pack arolla pine: 45 min. € 54.00

Peeling with arolla pine oil, afterwards arolla pine aroma pack.

Relaxing and mentally inspiring

Fango with 2 packs € 26.00

every further pack Euro 6,--

"Smile away all your sorrows" -ideal to relax € 89.00

The package includes:

  • 1 massage with herbs sticks carefully wrapped in a cotton cloth heated in oil
    or 1 relaxing hot-stone massage (25 min)
  • 1 cleopatra milk & oil pack in our soft pack lounger - skin caring, revitalising effect (25 min)
  • 1 aroma oil massage - choose one of our aromatic scents (25 min)

"Healthy and fit trough the year" - ideal protection for your health € 119.00

The package includes:

  • 1 radon thermal bath with thermal water meditation (20 min)
  • 1 taster session in the Gasteiner Heilstollen incl. short medical check-up
  • 1 health massage (50 min)
  • 1 individual physiotherapy (25 min)

Anti stress package - ideal for your energy € 169.00

The package includes:

  • 1 antistress massage (25 min)
  • 1 aroma oil massage - with arolla pine scent (25 min)
  • 1 arolla pine aroma pack in our soft pack lounger (25 min)
  • 1 relaxing therapy according to Jacobsen (50 min)

"Beauty de luxe" - for face and body € 169.00

The package includes:

  • 15% reduction for the treatments, without cosmetic
  • 1 classic face treatment (60 min)
  • 1 fully body peeling and aftercare
  • 1 cream pack of evening primrose oil in our soft pack lounger
  • 1 oil-care massage (25 min)

2 days - cosmetic arrangement € 298.00

Package is valid from 3 nights:

1st day - Start to relax (120 min.):

  • Classic face treatment, eyebrow and eyelash tining and/or shaping
  • body brush along the meridian circulatory system and moisturizing body pack in the cosmetic lounger which absorts into the sink during the classic face treatment
  • Manicure
  • Small day make up
2nd day - From top to toe (120 min.):
  • QMS! Face special treatment - adapted for your complexion, with décollteté- neck and head massage
  • hand modelling
  • hand- or feet massage
  • small day make up

Treatment of respiratory tract diseases € 179.00

This package includes:

  • 2x connective tissue massages (à 25 min.)
  • 2x breathing therapies (à 25 min.)
  • 3x inhalation
  • use of medicinal brine cave as often as you wish

Of everything a little More

... more relaxation
Wellness paradise with sauna and lounge area covering 1,700m²
All under the Bismarck umbrella
Our three hotels
All of our hotels are connected,
creating one beautiful unit.