Christmas light with fir cones in detail

Christmas & New Years

Celebrate in Gastein

Enjoy our wonderful, familiar and festive Christmas party, which lasts for about one hour. The local tower brass band plays traditional songs all guests will remember from their childhoods. Christmas stories are read by members of the family. Song sheets to Christmas carols are passed out so we can all sing these beloved holiday songs together. The Wendler daughters will play the piano for you to sing along.

Young people in traditional costume making music for Christmas

Our guests’ children sit around the Christmas tree with their eyes shining, while the smell of punch and chestnuts fills the air. And together we sing well-known Christmas carols… just like one big family celebrating Christmas!

Young people in traditional costume making music for Christmas

Christmas and new years programme

  • After the gift-giving, we offer a 6-course candlelit Christmas dinner of the highest culinary excellence.
  • We give out presents to “small and tall” guests from the “silver sleigh”.
  • On New Year’s Eve we offer a brilliant 7-course candlelit gala dinner.
  • Join the New Year’s Ball in our beautiful and stylish hotel bar with sophisticated dance music, provided by a renowned professional DJ.
  • Enjoy our midnight buffet full of tasty delights.
  • We begin the new year with fireworks at the Hotel Bismarck. The view from our terrace is stunning, as you will have a view of the fireworks across the whole valley.
  • We also offer personal child care from 7:00-11:00 pm on New Year’s Eve: with games, crafts and a super-sized winter picture to colour, a ½ hour children’s disco with our DJ before the ball begins, kids videos and more...
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