in Gastein

Pale green growth sprouts from everywhere, trees are flowering and colourful meadows all combine to create a feeling of happiness! After a period of calm in winter, nature in springtime is full of energy and the world almost seems to “explode” into life. This energy is contagious!

It is the combination of exercise and relaxation that completes the health-promoting effect of a “spring holiday" in the Gastein Valley. An effect that lasts and one that lets you continue an energetic start to a still young and energetic year.

When Nature Awakens

Spring in Gastein means: rejuvenation, sports and a variety of recreational activities. Wellness, running, hiking, biking, golfing: Gastein offers seemingly endless ways to make your spring holiday just how you like it.

The altitude coupled with a variety of natural treasures and clean air with an impressive mountain panorama of the Hohe Tauern give you an additional training effect that acts positively on the entire body. Feel the power of nature.

Blue sky, green meadows with blossoming flowers, white mountaintops - incomparably beautiful. Why fly to far off destinations, when beauty is so close? Enjoy an all-weather holiday in the beautiful Gastein Valley with innumerable excursions and our special hotel offers:

  • 4 thermal swimming pools (2 indoor and 2 outdoor pools heated at 33 °C)
  • Fantastically beautiful and spacious outdoor garden
  • Multiple outdoor terraces...
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Hotel Bismarck Frühling in Gastein