- in relation to our hotel for your personal safety with us

Here you will find the guidelines for the hotel industry according to the Federal Ministry of Tourism
The current & official version of the Federal Ministry can be found at https://www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at/beherbergung/

General guidelines according to federal guidelines

1. keep at least 1 metre distance from other persons except for persons from the same household or fellow travellers in the same accommodation unit
2. wear mouth and nose protection in the area of the entrance and reception. Excluded are children up to the age of 6 years or persons who cannot be expected to wear it for health reasons.
3. follow the instructions of the staff.
4. please observe the instructions given by exhibitors, signs and floor markings.
5. refrain from shaking hands and hugging.
6. wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds
7. avoid touching the face with uncleaned hands.
8. sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief
9. do not travel at the first sign of illness. Contact the host if you have any signs during your stay.
By being careful, you protect yourself, the other guests and your hosts.

Hygiene measures

Our cleaning & disinfection plan was coordinated on the basis of the current hygiene guidelines of the Austrian Hotel Association.
In order to implement the new system professionally, to train it and to integrate it into our processes, we commissioned Ms. Mag. Radinger, a specialized management consultant and trainer. We are working together on a special hygiene guideline according to Corona standards.

  • with our cleaning concept and the associated increased cleaning and disinfection intervals, we take care of our guests and employees
  • All our employees wear mouth nose protection or face shields
  • Prophylactically for your and our safety, WEEKLY COVID-TESTINGS are now carried out on OUR EMPLOYEES FROM THE HOTEL AND IN THE VALLEY in order to position us and the Gastein Valley as a safe holiday region.
  • Guests do not have to wear a mouth and nose protector
  • Plexiglas panes were attached to the reception desk.
  • The minimum distance of 1 m must be observed in all areas of the "Verwöhnhotel Bismarck".
  • Disinfection stands are distributed throughout the building at sensible locations (entrance area, reception, restaurant, hotel bar, thermal spa, water world, wellness area, children's playroom, etc.)
  • Disinfection is on a voluntary basis, only at the restaurant entrance the previous Hand disinfection obligatory, also for every child!
  • All public rooms are regularly additionally disinfected.
  • All door handles are regularly additionally disinfected.
  • In general, more hygiene or disinfection measures in hotels at prescribed intervals with control plans

Check-In - Reception

We have set up Plexiglas panels at Reception to make it easier to keep a safe distance and to provide you with the best possible service. Keycards are disinfected before being issued.
In order to shorten the check-in time, we ask our guests to inform us of their wishes and information for the check-in by e-mail before their arrival. Each guest will receive the information personally with our arrival e-mail.

The room is at your disposal on the day of arrival between 15 and 16 o'clock to ensure the cleaning & disinfection intervals for you.

Mouth and nose protection

...is only required for the employees, but no longer for the guests. If you still need an MNS, you are welcome to purchase an MNS for a small cost price of € 0,50.

Hygiene in the room

The daily room cleaning has been adapted to the new standards and was developed together with our hygiene partner and management consultant Mrs. Mag. Radinger. Our chambermaids work exactly according to the regulations with cleaning agents containing disinfectants.

Culinary Restaurant

In the restaurant the prescribed distance between the tables is given. The employees (suitably distanced) wear a faceshield instead of the MNS, so that you can see their smiles.
Of course we would like to continue to offer you the usual Bismarck culinary delights, in compliance with the new regulations. The breakfast buffet will also continue to be available for you - with more service and in some cases single portions. Guests can continue to help themselves at the buffet - after cleaning their hands at a supervised disinfectant dispenser directly in front of the buffet station.

The buffets are also held in compliance with the hygiene regulations (hand disinfection) and with the necessary distance - we ask you to wear your mouth and nose protection at the buffet. Regular exchange of the serving cutlery is given.
The wine list, drinks list & bar menu are available with foil wrapped sheets, which are regularly disinfected.
We thank you for your understanding that specific table requests are subject to restrictions due to the maximum "table occupancy" to be observed and the minimum distances to be observed

Hotel bar

No consumption/service is possible at the bar counter. However, we would be happy to serve you in our spacious rooms such as the bar area, the lounge, the games area or on our panorama terrace.


Of course, our lifts are still at your disposal. However, we kindly ask you to use them only in a family group or for guests staying in a shared room. Here too, the buttons and handles are regularly disinfected.

Wellness area & Spa

You can enjoy our massage & cosmetic services as usual. The employees there will also wear a faceshield. The wellness area is also open, subject to the minimum distance and the maximum number of persons allowed and the official regulations. In order to enjoy the saunas and steam baths at a distance, only couples in shared living arrangements or single persons are allowed in the cabins. In order to increase capacity, the ladies' sauna will be open to everyone in the future. To ensure hygiene in the Bio Sauna we have raised the temperature there a little bit. The Wellness Bar in the lobby indoor swimming pool with hot ginger water, water with added fruit and apples is still available

Water world with the thermal pools

In order to ensure hygiene in the water, the chlorine level has been  increased in accordance with regulations. The maximum number of guests is signposted. Here too, the maxim applies - by far the best way is by far. The opening hours will be adjusted if necessary. Unfortunately we cannot provide the popular pool noodles. If you do not want to do without them, please bring them with you.

Activity programm

Courses take place in smaller groups and in compliance with the rules of distance (limited number of participants - registration required by 18.00 the evening before)



Of course you can pay contactless or we ask you to refrain from payments with cash at the moment. The keyboard of the credit card device is regularly disinfected. After use, hand disinfection is recommended. We ask you to keep to the check-out time, i.e. the release of the rooms from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the latest, in order to guarantee the cleaning and disinfection intervals for you

The Bismarck team with heart

  • The Bismarck team is committed to self-protection and protection of others, to adherence to hygiene and distance standards and is continuously trained.
  • You can trust us that we and our team will implement all specifications precisely but with a lot of heart. Because your safety is important to us and is close to our hearts!
  • You can also rely on the positive atmosphere and empathy in our house - and on the respectful treatment of our guests among each other.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes and for our suppliers, the same rules of conduct and hygiene apply.