The Exciting
Mountains of Gastein

A mountain invites you on a unique journey of discovery - experiences guaranteed. Hiking to magical places with your eyes wide-open: you will certainly be amazed.

Leave your cares behind while sitting in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Frolic with your kids or test your inner strength and courage. Feel the freedom of the mountains!

A Thrill atop the Stubnerkogel

Between heaven and earth, walkers float on the 140m long suspension bridge that gently sways in the wind leading from the mountain station of the new Stubnerkogel cable car in the direction of Sender. Not only is the design of the crossing fascinating but also the magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from Europe's highest suspension bridge (2,300m) are incomparable.

Directly opposite the bridge, perched like an eagle's nest, is the "Glocknerview" viewpoint. Made mainly of steel and wood, and open to all visitors who venture up to it, this viewing platform offers a fantastic view of Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3,798m).

A head for heights and nerves of steel are also required when walking atop the high cliffs and conquering the steep, rocky path leading up to this distinctive viewpoint. Only a railing of wire mesh separates adventurous mountaineers from a 30-metre-deep abyss.

Life on the Cliffs and Lake Spiegel

Open your eyes and senses to an exciting adventure in nature. There are surprises to discover, including observing the lives of wildlife on the cliffs. If you look closely, you can discover hidden nature in silhouette - for example, a ram or a cow along the cliff-line.

Feel at one with nature amidst the magnificent mountain scenery reflected in the lake, while walking with bare feet on the barefoot path and connecting to it through contact with the refreshing water. New for summer is the balancing bridge at Lake Spiegel, where you must cross floating islands and stepping stones with courage and skill.

Relaxing oases with unique seating and lounging elements invite you to linger, relax and feel good.

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Hängebrücke Stubnerkogel