The Library
Literary and Versatile

Not just bookworms will find plenty of food in our library. The exclusive lounge is a versatile space for any occasion at Hotel Bismarck.

Whether as a stylish smoking lounge or in use for seminars and film screenings, the library is a space where you will feel immediately at ease. Large windows provide plenty of light during the day and designer lighting spreads a pleasant warm glow in the evenings. Sitting with a glass of wine from the bar in a comfortable armchair is relaxing in itself, but you can also lose yourself in a book and forget about the world around you.

Events and Film Screening

For events that depend on screening live programmes (sports, culture etc.) you and your party can all come together to watch on the large LCD TV and experience the event together. In case of bad weather in Bad Hofgastein, we also offer afternoon "private film screenings" of films currently playing in theatres or of one of the classics.

Browsing to Relax

For those who prefer fresh air, they can find some on the adjacent terrace. And for those looking to have their glasses refilled or for a bit of entertainment, the library is just a few steps away from the hotel bar.

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