The Castle -
Alpine Luxury Suites

It is immediately apparent to any visitor that our Castle is a house of the highest quality, in which luxury is the highest law. Even on long stays, our guests are sure to feel at home here. Ideal for families or couples that prefer separate sleeping rooms.

An underground tunnel connects the castle with the Hotel Bismarck Main House, so that all of the hotel’s facilities are easily accessible without having to go outdoors. 

Lavish Apartments

In the Hotel Bismarck Castle, you’ll stay in richly appointed apartments and lavish suites (64-66m²) decorated in the traditional Austrian cottage style. These rooms are also ideal for families with children.  Additionally, our guests can find two large family apartments (80m²) with your choice of either one or two double rooms with two baths. All of our suites and apartments are situated so that the living rooms and balconies have access to direct sunlight.

For especially refined guests we suggest:

  • Our brand-new Alpine Luxury Suite (rooms 101, 103, 201, 203) with two separate bedrooms, lavish bathrooms and walk-in closet.
  • Our brand-new Panorama Luxury Suite (room 301, 302 303) on the third floor with luxurious bathrooms, walk-in closet and glorious view from the southwest-facing balcony.

This autumn we rebuilded our Schlössl for you:
There will be two more “Alpine Luxury Suites” each with 2 separate bedroom / 1 living room / 1 bathroom
as well as another “Panorama Luxury Suite” on the third floor.
Our middle apartments 102 and 202 will each turn into 2 double rooms with a connecting door. These are perfect for families with children or couples who want to have separated bedrooms.
Also our Penthouse Suite will be completely newly renovated and turned into a real Crown Jewel of the house. A lot of special extras will fascinate you: a shower with integrated steam bath, bath tub with beautiful view to the mountains, … and more, so treat yourself to a nice surprise next winter!

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