Fitness & Well-Being
Strength for Your Health

A balanced exercise programme strengthens and brings your circulation into a rhythm, revitalises and strengthens your immune system. Physical fitness is the best way to prevent many types of ailments - and at any age.

In our fitness area you will find all the basic equipment for your personal workout. Ergometer, backbench, abdominal trainer, rowing machine, etc., leave no wish unfulfilled.

There is also plenty of room for calisthenics: the 50m² fitness area offers plenty of space for your exercises.

Massages & Treatments

Let yourself be pampered from head to toe! From classic to sophisticated, our massage offering is extensive. Ranging from the well-known back massage to the hot stone massage and from Ayurveda massages to the aromatic honey and cinnamon massage.

Wellness and therapeutic treatments, such as massages, help to release tension and blockages and to restore the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Afterwards you will feel like a new person!

Our professional, competent staff (physiotherapist, massage therapist, certified masseuse) make sure all treatments and applications are done thoroughly and in the highest-quality manner possible.

Daily exercise programme (from Monday through Friday)

  • Back exercise
  • Gentle overall body exercise
  • Stretching
  • Bums-tums-and-legs training (in Winter)
  • General water aerobics in the pool


Unsere Therapeuten arbeiten als Gesundheitscoach mit (Therapie)-Anwendungen) während Ihres Aufenthaltes. Ebenso erarbeiten sie mit Ihnen ein Gesundheits (-trainings) programm für zuhause.

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