Massages and Applications

The term "Ayurveda" comes from Sanskrit and combines two components: "ayuh", literally meaning "long, full life", and "Veda" meaning knowledge in the sense of an all-encompassing wisdom.

Ayurveda can thus be translated as the "science of long life" . Ayurveda medicine is based on over 5,000 years of observation of the human body and mind - it belongs to the most ancient healing knowledge of mankind.

Since ancient times the form of contact used is a simple yet effective method of treatment. Warm oil penetrates the skin and dissolves waste from the tissues. Ayurveda creates closeness and the feeling of love and being cared for.

NEW YOGA 2 times per week  in combination with our weekly gymnastics programme free of charge

Our Offers:

€ n/a 75 min Abhyanga

The queen of oil-based, Ayurvedic massages. Purifying and detoxifying. A relaxed feeling for body, mind, and soul.

€ n/a 50 min Mukabhyanga

Leave daily life behind. Forget time and space. A relaxing and soothing head, face, and upper body massage, including the shoulder and neck region, complete with warm oils.

€ n/a 25 min Padabhyanga

A very effective foot massage that gives your feet a very relaxed feeling.

€ n/a 25 min Haathabhyanga

Relaxing hand and underarm massage. Strengthening and rejuvenating.

€ n/a 25 min Upanaha Svedana

Back treatment: soothing and deeply effective, perfect for unwinding and letting go. Relaxes the back muscles and allows you to forget the stress of everyday life. Uses the precious St. John’s Wort oil.

€ n/a 50 min Garshan

Ayurvedic rubbing massage done with silk gloves to promote regeneration and detoxification of connective tissue. The Garshan also stimulates metabolism and circulation. Complete with body wrap.

Consultation at the front desk or with a therapist is possible.
Please understand that all information is subject to price changes and typos.


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